The collection ‘Artistically Unqualified’ was inspired by the definition of arts with the ironic quote ‘I am an artist, I am not an artist’. People have their own definition of art which has no longer defined by certain people. The collection was aimed to use the concept of transforming the daily accident into artistic showpiece with the silhouette and colours of Japanese traditional clothing. By using the idea of being stained by the wet paint, Y-Z STUDIO has tried to express the spontaneousness of creating art from daily life. “Je ne suis pas un artiste, je suis un artiste” 

2016 AUTUMN/ WINTER COLLECTION “ARTISTICALLY UNQUALIFIED” 本系列“ARTISTICALLY UNQUALIFIED 藝術失格”以現代多元社會對於藝術價值的評斷為設計概念,以“我是藝術家;我不是藝術家”的理念為核心。本季融合日式風格的輪廓、綁帶以及顏色使用方式,將生活中的小意外轉換成服裝細節,運用沾到未乾油漆的涼椅的圖案、滾桶油漆刷到以及被沾到顏料的方式在各款式上,表達了即使是生活上的小意外,也可以巧妙的變成藝術。